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The goal of CCL is to extend the Incarnate Word Sisters’ legacy of service through engagement in the local and global community by developing stronger service leadership skills in undergraduate, graduate and professional students, and effective mentoring practices for civic leadership in UIW faculty, staff, and students, and CHRISTUS associates. UIW and CHRISTUS, collaborating in CCL, offer a wealth of experience and commitment in responding to this call to prepare our next generation of global leaders.




 The Mission of the Center for Civic Leadership is:

In the spirit of Christian service, to develop leaders who promote social justice in partnership with diverse local and global communities.

The Vision Statement expands on the mission:

CCL, a partnership between UIW and CHRISTUS Health, is an initiative guided by the principles of Catholic Social Teaching.

It is dedicated to promoting the common good by educating enlightened and concerned leaders committed to learning, research, advocacy, and service for those in most need.

It promotes civically-engaged leaders collaborating in partnership with local and global community stakeholders to achieve individual/social transformation while respecting the dignity of each individual and all creation.

Strategic Direction of CCL in Health and Education

CCL endeavors to strengthen civic leadership in UIW faculty, staff, and students, and CHRISTUS associates through these four objectives:

  • Promote a deeper understanding of Catholic Social Teaching;
  • Facilitate the development of civic responsibility and civic leadership through service;
  • Foster a sense of global citizenship, connecting local to global; and
  • Promote a culturally sensitive, participatory approach to      addressing community needs.

To measure these objectives, CCL is implementing these assessment strategies:

  • Tracking current community engagement initiatives at UIW and CHRISTUS;
  • Investigating the correlation between engagement and student retention/persistence to graduation;
  • Investigating the role of mentoring in engagement and student retention/persistence to graduation;
  • Increasing the number of local and global civic engagement opportunities;
  • Tracking the evidence of cultural commitment to civic engagement at UIW and CHRISTUS;
  • Tracking the evidence of impact of CCL initiatives on community partners.

Through its partnerships and interdisciplinary initiatives, CCL hopes to have an impact in promoting:

  • Sustainable Communities
  • Wellness and Population Health
  • Local and Global Civic Engagement

The President’s Higher Education Community Service Honor Roll

presidents honor rollThe University of the Incarnate Word (UIW) is proud to be named as a recipient of the 2013 President’s Higher Education Community Service Honor Roll. The Honor Roll distinguishes institutions as leaders in community service and service learning that achieve measurable impacts in the community. UIW is one of 23 institutions recognized in Texas.

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