Sea Birds

Scuba Divers

Mr. JT Norris, assistant professor of accounting and acting Master of Arts in Administration director, is not always about the numbers. Norris is the founding member and advisor for the UIW Scuba Club. A student organization that gives students the opportunity to dive in and experience the the world 100 feet below the water.

(Feb. 11, 2014) – In early December 2013, Mr. Norris took a group of 5 UIW faculty and 3 business students to explore the beauty of Santa Rosa Reef in Cozumel, Mexico. Students and faculty were treated to one of the signature dives of Cozumel. Santa Rosa Reef allows divers to go well over 100 feet into the deep and is formed with rocky outcrops measuring 40 feet in height. The reef is home to Scrawled Filefish, Turtles, Groupers, giant Parrotfish, Toadfish, and Queen Angelfish.

The dive was the culmination of a semester of scuba training, which took place in San Antonio. Instructed by Norris, divers learned basic scuba skills such as setting up the scuba gear and underwater emergency procedures. Professor Norris is no stranger to the open water, serving as dive boat captain aboard the S.S. Thoresen in the Cayman Islands. Norris understands the importance of these experiences in growing well-rounded students, “If creating global leaders is our mission, then we need to facilitate opportunities for our students to explore outside of Bexar County.”

Norris will also be traveling beyond our borders during the Summer 2014 Semester. He is currently co-coordinating a study-abroad trip to the UIW sister campus in Heidelberg, Germany. Students can find more information about the upcoming study-abroad session by clicking here.