The Business of Golf: Bachelor of Business Administration in Professional Golf Management


The Professional Golf Management Program will develop our business students who are passionate about growing and improving the game and business of golf, by educating them with critical leadership and management competences while providing them with a focused application of those skills through our partners at Foresight Golf Management.”

Brian L. Graybeal
Director, Professional Golf Management

Professional Golf Management Degree at UIW

The Professional Golf Management Program (PGM) is designed to prepare our graduates to successfully integrate their education and training into the challenging environment of the professional golf management industry.  As the successful management of golf facilities becomes increasingly demanding, it is imperative these professionals have a greater understanding of the business of golf.  These knowledge areas include the basics of our core curriculum as well as many of our other focus areas. Understanding the importance of proper human resource management, marketing, supervisory and management skills is imperative to successfully managing the operations and golf facilities.

It is equally essential for those entering the profession to have a foundational understanding of turf grass management, golf course equipment management, food and beverage operations, customer relations and overall business planning.  These professionals will have an opportunity to learn, develop, and apply these educational experiences during a progressive internship program that will allow them to experience first-hand how their classroom experiences are applied in real environments.  Their internships will focus on application and hands experiences in the many facets of golf course operations. Our industry experts at Foresight Golf Management will partner with us to develop and teach these hands on proficiencies to further enhance and educate our student’s classroom experiences.

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