Who do I speak with about internship opportunities?

Associate Dean Dr. Jeannie Scott is the HEBSBA internship director. She can be reached at 210-283-5002. 

Where is the Dean’s office located?

Room 137 in the Gorman Business and Education Center.

How do I add/drop a course?

Students may add/drop courses my visiting Bannerweb and entering their pin number, only if the action is prior to the registration deadline.

If the student wishes to add/drop a course after the registration period has expired, they must contact their advisor.

What are the requirements for Capstone I & II?

To enroll in Capstone I the student must complete the entire business core. Enrollment in Capstone II is dependent on the student’s competition of the business core and Capstone I.

How do I register for courses?

Visit Bannerweb and insert your pin number to begin registration.

How do I get my pin number?

The student must make an appointment with their advisor. Faculty contact information can be found under the Faculty Information menu item.