Eligibility and Application

Jumping superherosWho is Eligible?

Students interested in applying to the UIW Honors Program must meet these requirements:

  • Be an incoming freshmen for the new fall semester
  • Have submitted an application to the university and received acceptance

In addition, candidates meet the following standards:

  • Have a minimum high school cumulative GPA of 3.5
  • Have a minimum combined SAT score (Verbal, Math) of 1150 and/or combined ACT composite of no less than 26; no individual SAT test can be lower than 520 and the minimum ACT test score is 22

How Do I Apply?

Applications to the UIW Honors Program may now be completed and submitted online.  The application is essentially a summary of your co- and extra-curricular activities with a description of your commitment and contributions to each organization. In addition to our online application we require 1) a copy of your essay from either the SAT or the ACT test and 2) an interview.  Be sure to include the essay prompt. We advise submitting an application even if you are not sure of your college choice. Knowledge of your admittance to the UIW Honors Program is one more piece of information that you have to make an informed college selection.

To request an application form, please fill out the honors inquiry form.  Your request automatically forwards to the Honors Director, who can send you a link to the application form. Applications received after June 8 will not be eligible for honors housing at Agnese/Sosa Residence Hall.


Nothing can take the place of visiting campus to get a taste of what the UIW Honors Program is really like. Contact the Honors Director to arrange to attend classes, meet honors students and discover more about the program and the school. Use our online inquiry form to schedule a visit and possibly attend classes. The annual Honors Overnighter is another way to get a feel for the campus and the program. The agenda and online registration for the next overnighter (February 8-9, 2015) will become available in late fall.

Staying in the Honors Program

Once in the program, students must fulfill the following requirements in order to maintain membership. Maintain a minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.5. This ensures that every honors student will graduate cum laude. Fulfill the honors curriculum requirement. In order to gain the benefit of the honors theme and achieve  the program goals, students must complete the seven required honors courses, and as many of the optional three as needed to satisfy UIW’s core curriculum requirements. Attend mandatory honors meetings. This ensures that each honors student receives important information. Meetings include monthly honors meetings, individual meetings with the Director and the occasional co-curricular event such as the Honors Symposium. Attend a minimum of three co-curricular events per semester.  These consist of one service event (helps fulfill the university’s graduation requirement of 45 community service hours), one cultural event and a third of your choice  (service, cultural or academic). With these events we want our students to push their boundaries and explore the vast world we live in.  Students have fun with this requirement, experiencing topics and artistic work they might never have thought about previously.