Who We Are

“Energetic” is one word to describe our honors students. They are busy all over campus and in the community. They represent majors as diverse as their personalities and backgrounds. Most students are from the state of Texas but we have people in the Honors Program from different states around the country. Yet every year this diverse group of people gets to know each other very well, developing a tight-knit community of scholars.

“I like how honors kids are a family. We’re funny and crazy and we make a lot of memories along the way. It’s just a great feeling.” – Megan

Many of our students are Resident Assistants for campus housing, athletes, members and officers of student organizations, participate in study abroad, and volunteer at favorite organizations.

We are also proud of students who have successfully applied to prestigious academic programs to enhance their education.  Over the past five years we have had Kemper finalists and three of the Kemper Scholarship award winners have been honors students.  Another three honors students are part of the early admission program to the Boston University Medical School. A fourth pre-med student is part of JAMP, another early admission program, this time to Texas medical schools.