Leagues vs. Tournaments


Leagues will be 5-6 weeks long. Games will be played on any day of the week, this does include Sunday’s. Leagues will have a minimum of teams at all time during the season regardless if the league has started. If a team drops out and leaves 3 teams the league will automatically be cancelled. Teams will play once a week during the regular season, the same day each week that the intramural sport is dedicated to.


Tournaments will be one day events, with most of them being double elimination. (see specific rules for intramurals leagues) tournaments must have a minimum of 4 teams to start. Tournaments will be single or double elimination  this will be dependent upon sport, numbers of teams/individuals and the facility availability.

Play-Off Format

  • A bracket will be set up putting the  higher standing team as the home team or top team.
  • The bracket will be played in one day similar day tournament set up.
  • New players can NOT be added in playoff play.
  • UIW intramurals will award the winning team of the league/tournament with the number of t-shirts that matches the number of player that participated that day.
  • All champion teams will have a team photo taken with the the champion t-shirt to be posted.