Check out our Fun Facts page in our Interactive Factbook

Humans are curious by nature. We always want to know more and we discover new things by researching and observing. Our Interactive Factbook is full of details that you may not know about UIW. For example, did you know that in the Fall 2013 semester we had 1,045 first-time in college students? The Interactive Factbook can be very helpful if you’re working on a report or project and need some general details and facts about UIW. And since it is interactive, you can filter down to the information that is most pertinent to your project. Also, our Fun Facts page offers up some interesting things about our lovely university, such as the most common birthday among our entire student population.┬áIf you have more ideas you think we should include on our Fun Facts page, we’d love to hear them! Check out our Interactive Factbook and the Fun Facts page and leave your ideas/suggestions in the comments section below.