Sedona Help

Here are links to resources to help you with various steps in Sedona <short videos are updated often!>:

1.  How do I login to Sedona?  (3 min)

2.  What should I do first?  (7 min)

         What are the most common errors I might find in my CV?

         How can I correct an error in my CV?

         How do I add new items in my CV?

3.  How do I start my FSI in Sedona?  (4 min)

  Where can I get more help?

Email   Glenn James    or   Rebecca Ohnemus      with any questions along the way.

Explore the video help files inside Sedona, by clicking the HELP link in the upper left of your Sedona page.

It’s not critical to modify the look of your CV right now, but if you want to see how….

How can I personalize my CV?  (6 min)

    How do I change the order or content of my CV?