UIW Community Prayer List

As a prayerful community, we believe it is essential to our spiritual, emotional, and physical wellbeing that we lift up in prayer those who are in need.  If you, a loved one, a compadre, a co-worker, classmate, or acquaintance is in need of prayer for any reason – whether physical, emotional, or spiritual, please contact us so we may add them to our Community Prayer list.  You may e-mail us, ministry@uiwtx.edu or call us at 828-3128.  And, once you have done that, review the list and join us in lifting all those on the list up in prayer.

Lord, You invite all who are burdened to come to you. Allow your healing hand to heal those listed below. Touch their souls with Your compassion for others. Touch their hearts with Your courage and infinite love for all. Touch their minds with Your wisdom, that their mouth may always proclaim Your praise. Teach them to reach out to You in their need, and help them to lead others to You by example. Most loving heart of Jesus, bring them health in body and spirit that they may serve You with all their strength. Touch gently the lives which You have created, now and forever. Amen

For the UIW Community, Friends, and Families:

Mary Ann Willis, Jason Pacheco, Conrad Wenzel Tullis, Don Ewers, Lindsay Aronson Ess, Joanne Wilcox, Kenny Hudnell, , Dot Hamlin, , The Village Community, The Village Ministry, Alicia Holland, Zoe Murawski, Fr. Anthony Kinuthia, Cathy Mainardi, Maureen McCauley, Irma Filut, Helen Daniel, family of Lettie Arrowood, Phil Blum, Maura McDonald, Sylvia Rey, Sr. Shirley Vaughn & family, Jose Silva & family, Angelina Arredondo, Irene Prescott, sister of Jean Nicholas, Diana M. Salazar, Henry Salazar, Rudy Cruz, Jr., Joshua Cruz, Amy Cruz, Guadalupe Aguilera, Hilda Salazar, Rudy Cruz, Sr., Norma, Susie Lafaver, Lorena Castro, Joey Connors, Florence Steigler, Melinda Garza, Connie Kuwamoto, Fr. Andy Kolzo, O.P., Tara Velez, Jeanie & Joe Sullivan, Family of Michael Gres, Sr. Germaine Corbin, Sr. Luz Romay, Kathy Murray, Trey McGehee, Christine Hernandez, Jacob Roberts, Patricia (Reyes) Fresquez, Kelly Muckle, Kelly O’Brien, Libby Anderson, Christina Moran, Eduardo Parra, Nellie Flores, Beckie Krenek, Nancy Fassnidge, brother of Celeste Mullen, Alicia Mendez, Angelita, Sophie Gomez, sons of Frances Brewster, Victoria Anaya, Yvonne Anderson, Barbara Aranda-Naranjo, Cheryl Bentley, Diana Caldwell, Mona Carrico, Anne Christian, Leticia Cuellar, Rose Davison, Sarah Duffy, Adele Morrison, Marilyn Flaherty, Beulah Franks-Walker, Mary Garza, Patricia Godbey, Elizabeth Guerra, Florence Hach, Marilyn Harris, Lilliam Hernandez, Columba & John Kaufman, Josephine Klinksiek, Celia Landa, Lucilla Lawrence, Peggy Matcek, Kathleen McConaghy Campbel, HP Priest, Robin Reblin, Patricia Recker, Rose Reed, Annette Rheinlander, Ida Buppert Sacre, Evelyn Schneider, Elisea Sherbondy, Helen, Andrew, Gloria, Vicki Bean, Manuel Vela, Dorothy Wichlep, Sr. Agnes Keaveney, Ellen Wyatt, Jean Bussemeier, George Hanko, Douglas Moore, Caren White, JoAnne Ameel, Nellie Flores, Robert Kohler, Constanza Valdes, Edward Addicks, Rosa Carmona, Janie Olivarri & husband, Maria Garcia, Palmira Sheffield, Janet Griggs, Sheryl Ross, Tara Cooper, Myrna Salinas, Lucila Dauphinee, Loretta Moreno, Sara Boettcher, Yvonne Fairconeture, Kathleen Kujat, Ferran Mora, Brenda Spalding, Joseph Flores, Diana Dyke, Ruby Kutchka, Jean Andariese, John Munoz, Andy Scholes, Natividad Rios, Lola Philippi Marrs, Sr. Michelle, Gladys Lyssy Dziuk, Rochelle Neely


May the following loved ones rest in eternal peace
with God our Creator

Susan Elizabeth Gebhardt, Belva Dean Perkins, Theresa Chavez, Stella Ibarra, Nicholas Campos, Jr., Seth Collier, Baby Faith Evelyn Vasquez, James Ronald Moon, Ron Spana, Laura McGovern, Jim Williams, Francisca Espinosa, Patricia A. Williams, husband of Kathleen Kujat, husband of Rose Davison, husband of Kathleen McConaghy Campbell, mother of Jean Bussemeier, Maria Magdalena Sosa, Mary Josephine Palmer Mechler, Louise C. Rucker, Dea Joan “Jo” Craven, Patrick J. Aspell, Wayne O’Boyle, Fr. Gus, Jim Wilson, Mary Kerr, Florence Reed, Raymond Longoria, Emma Petty Ramos, Joe Lopez, Jerry Sams, Mary Ellen McCune, Fernando Castro, Albert Gabrysh, Art Riley, Evelyn Hill, Eugene Michael Tallon, Marilyn Knapp, Jeannette M. Cote

Names of those in need of prayer may be added to the Prayer list by calling
210-829-3128 or e-mailing your request to ministry@uiwtx.edu.

Please note that prayer requests will be added as requested.
They will remain on the list for three months unless otherwise informed.