P3 Students Place in Clinical Skills Competition

SNPhAClinical2014-2Cynthia Barrera and Rebeca Jimenez, both Class of 2015, proudly represented the FSOP Student National Pharmaceutical Association (SNPhA) Chapter at the 2014 Regional Conference in Columbus, Ohio  March 14-16th  and competed in the Clinical Skills Competition sponsored by the Kroger Company.  The competition involved students having 10 short minutes to review a case involving a customer shopping at a Kroger grocery store, purchasing several items as well as prescription products that had several food-drug, drug-drug, and disease-drug interactions. 

Both Cynthia and Rebeca were able to efficiently identify the various complications that arose in the case, as well as counsel the patient on these complications in the remaining five minutes.  Cases similar to these arise every day in the retail pharmacy setting, and pharmacists and interns have the very important task of identifying these complications before they occur, as well as educate the patient on how to avoid potential interactions.  Since they were able to identify and accurately address all issues in the case and engage the patient actively in the discussion, they were named the 1st place winners in the competition!

Each student received a $250.00 cash prize, $150.00 Amazon.com gift card, $50.00 Kroger gift card, subscriptions to Lexi-comp, their National Conference registration paid for, as well as a commemorative pin from the event.  Cynthia and Rebeca brought recognition to the Feik School of Pharmacy in the best way possible, by demonstrating their ability to apply the skills and knowledge gained in their didactic courses.