Financial Assistance FAQ

For information, contact the UIW Financial Assistance Office at (210)-829-6008

When will I receive an award letter for the Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) program? 

You will receive an award letter for the DPT Program once you have completed your financial assistance file and have been admitted into the School of Physical Therapy.  Students are required to complete a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) each year at:

How are DPT students packaged for financial aid?

Students in the School of Physical Therapy are considered professional students upon admittance, and are eligible for graduate level federal loan assistance. This means that students that meet the federal requirements for financial assistance based on their FAFSA application may apply for federal loans at the graduate/professional level. Students are not eligible for federal or state gift assistance, or institutional grants/scholarships received for Undergraduate Study. All students awarded at UIW are packaged to their total Cost of Attendance.  The cost of attendance will include a budget for tuition, fees, books, room, board, transportation, and personal expenses.  Students may accept any portion of their aid (for example just to cover the direct costs of their tuition, fees and books).

What are my Federal Stafford loan limits?

The current graduate loan limit per year is $20,500 from the Federal Direct Loan program.

Are there any institutional grants or scholarships for students in the DPT program?

Institutional grant assistance will be awarded for DPT students based on their academic performance during the previous year(s).  These institutional awards are made at the discretion of the School of Physical Therapy and are competitive based on academic merit and performance.  These funds are non-renewable, meaning students will continue to compete for these funds every year.  In addition, students may also apply for outside scholarships.

What other assistance do I qualify for?

Additional loan options are also available and include the Federal Graduate PLUS loan, the State College Access Loan and various private loan options. You may research these loans on-line at

Will I need a laptop?

Students in the DPT program will be required to participate in the DPT laptop program and will have a one-time charge for their laptop purchase, which will be added to their UIW bill and may be covered with loan assistance.

 How is my Academic Progress measured?

The Doctor of Physical Therapy Program requires that students maintain a satisfactory GPA.  Students must complete the program within four (4) years (excluding approved leave of absences).  For more information, refer to the School of Physical Therapy Student Handbook.

  • Federal/State Scholarship Resources -

  • Minority Scholarship Website -

  • Indian Health Services - up to $20,000 for each year of service in an IHS program.

Indian Health Service’s loan repayment program