Graduate Outcomes

Upon completion of all requirements of the University of the Incarnate Word School of Physical Therapy, the graduate will be prepared to:

  1. Practice physical therapy in diverse global environments, distinguished by their competence, mindfulness, compassion, willingness to collaborate with others for the welfare of patients and clients, ethical and legal compliance, and with confidence in their knowledge, abilities, skills and values.
  2. Develop physical therapy services focused on patient-/client-centered care, supervision, administration and management as essential to the delivery of quality care.
  3. Educate patients/clients & family, public, physical therapists, other healthcare professionals, students, third-party payers, providers, legislators, about physical therapy services, availability and access to services, wellness, health promotion and disease prevention
  4. Integrate the research process to enhance the quality of care and services available to individuals and communities.
  5. Advocate for the common good for vulnerable and underserved populations, for physical therapy, and other healthcare professions.
  6. Promote the advancement of the profession of physical therapy through membership in professional associations, through leadership, as role models, and in contribution to the body of knowledge.
  7. Fulfill their commitment to personal and professional growth.