The post-professional curriculum reflect content that has been augmented or enhanced during the past 10 years such as described in the APTA Preferred Curricular Model for the Transition Clinical Doctoral Program Learner. The post-professional DPT program will include 24 credit hours total – 8 core courses and 1 elective course. The course content will be delivered online with threaded asynchronous discussions in which the instructor of record will be actively involved.

Upon enrollment into the program, students will take the Professional Assessment course and will be recommended to take the Evidence-based Practice course early in their course of study. They will then be allowed to take the other courses following their own preference. Students will receive credit for the CAPSTONE course once they contribute to the physical therapy body of knowledge through dissemination (presentation or publication) locally, regionally, or nationally of one paper written during the course of the post professional DPT program. Each post-professional student will be assigned a Faculty Advisor, a core faculty member in the School of Physical Therapy. Expectation for graduation is successful completion of all coursework as well as dissemination of one scholarly piece in the form of a peer reviewed presentation or publication.

Core Courses

DPT9231 Professional Self-Assessment (2 cr.)
DPT9332 Examination and Triage – Primary Care in Rehabilitation (3 cr.)
DPT9333 Evidence-based Practice (3 cr.)
DPT9334 Ethics & Law in Professional Practice (3 cr.) 
DPT9335 Health Education and Wellness (3 cr.)
DPT9336 Pharmacology for Rehabilitation Professionals (3 cr.)
DPT9337 Radiology and Imaging (3 cr.)
DPT9139 CAPSTONE (1 cr.)

Elective Course

DPT9351 Directed Practice (3 cr.)