DPT9231 Professional Self-Assessment

This course is designed to enable each student to develop an electronic portfolio demonstrating his/her knowledge, skills, attitudes, understanding and achievement related to clinical practice, leadership, and interprofessional collaborative practice. Life-long learning and the responsibilities/opportunities related to professional development and the mission of the University of the Incarnate Word will be emphasized. Students will reflect upon their level of accomplishments towards achieving the core competencies required for contemporary physical therapy practice and the program graduate outcomes, and develop a mission statement and professional goals related to reflective practice, professional involvement, and contribution to the evidence-based body of knowledge through scholarly dissemination. Based upon a self-assessment of competencies, students will develop goals and formulate a plan for achieving them. The self-assessments, supporting evidence, reflective analysis, goals and plan will be compiled to form an electronic portfolio. The portfolios are meant to be a flexible resource to assist students to consolidate and present evidence of competencies and achievement. Each student’s portfolio will be unique and there is no prescriptive format – the content of the final product is yours to make. Lessons are developed to address each of these components in detail. There will be a considerable amount of writing, both in the self-assessment and the reflective analysis.