Fall 2012
    Form the QEP Topic Selection Team (complete)
    Draft the QEP Web Site (complete)
    Spring 2013
    Unveil the QEP Web Site                                (complete)
    Solicit QEP Topic Ideas                                  (complete)
    Finalize QEP Topic                                         under way through April
    UIW Leadership Orientation at SACS              (Jun 2-3)
    Select UIW’s 2015 Site Visit Dates
    Fall 2013
    First Draft of QEP and Compliance Reports
    Spring 2014
    FINAL Draft of QEP and Compliance Reports
    Fall 2014
    Compliance Report DUE TO SACS – Sept 10th
    QEP Report Due to SACS Dec (est.)
    Spring 2015
    SACS On-Site Visits to UIW Sites

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    logo-6-inches-darkred copy  IT’s About WRITING !

    Thanks to input from all across UIW, our QEP focus will be to

    improve student writing.

    Dr. Susan Hall and Dr. Pat Lonchar are visiting with faculty across all campuses to design some specific QEP plans.

    They anticipate having a draft plan by May 2014.

    For now, the big idea is to plan three general areas of activity:

    1) build a faculty network with knowledge of writing instruction;

    2) increase each faculty member’s ‘toolbox’ of writing strategies in their discipline;

    3) increase the amount of writing UIW students do.

    Stay tuned for updates!



    (updated Jan 23, 2014)