Feb 14, 2013


Feb 14, 2013, Noon, NB 105

Members (present in bold)Ayala, Paul; Beltrami, Joleen; Clayton, Mike; Connelly, Bob; Fike, Renea; Harmsen, Earl (Chair); James, Glenn; Lopez, Joey; Lord, Kevin; Lunsford, Ryan; Mitchell, Margaret; Park, Gloria; Perez, Hector; Rauschhuber, Mo; Stein, David; Zapalac, Ryan; Zendejas, Raul

Earl outlined the plans to work with Raul and friends to staff a QEP outreach table, at The Tent on Dubuis Lawn for a full week.  The large QEP banner will be completed by Mike Clayton, handouts will be available, and laptops will be logged in so students can offer ideas on the spot.  Pizza will also be offered to students who pitch in an idea.

The three sub-groups gave brief updates.  The media group reported on the QEP logo design; print materials will be available shortly.  The Awareness group reviewed the packed schedule of presentations to school meetings across the coming weeks.  Earl will be able to cover almost all of them.  The submit group has not quite drafted a final list of criteria / rubric that we’ll use to evaluate topic ideas.

Earl reminded/introduced the team to UIW’s 10 common Student Learning Outcomes.  Robin Logan visited and presented ways that are available–through the DASH data visualization tool–to assess a variety of student data.