QEP Timeline

Milestones for UIW QEP Planning

Fall 2012                 Form the QEP Topic Selection Team              (complete)

Fall 2012                 Prepare QEP Web Site                                  (complete)

Jan 2013                 Unveil the QEP Web Site                               (complete)

Jan-Mar 2013           Solicit QEP Topic Ideas                                (complete)

Mar-Apr 2013           Narrow QEP Topics to Top 3                           (complete)

May 2013                Consult with Provost to Select UIW QEP Topic    (complete)

June 2013               UIW Leadership Orientation at SACS – Select our 2015 Site Visit Dates         (complete)

Fall 2013                 First Draft of QEP and Compliance Reports         under way

Spring 2014             Final Draft of QEP and Compliance Reports

Sept 2014               Compliance Report DUE TO SACS

Dec 2014 (est)        QEP DUE TO SACS

Spring 2015            SACS On-Site Visit to UIW Sites