Technology in the classroom, here are links to sources

From the #uiwtechfair keynote speaker, these are some of the ideas mentioned you can discover more about.

During your exploration of these resources ask yourself the question covered in the presentation – What new ideas do you have for transforming teaching and learning? What are your thoughts on access to engaging content?  How can I leverage powerful content, and ensure it will coexist in the context of our learning environment?Children gathered around laptop compter

Across the USA and the world we are seeing a rapid increase of the adoption of technology, not for the sake of technology but because of the endless learning possibilities technology can introduce into the academics of the perspective institutions. Creative tools, interactive textbooks and apps all are transforming the way teaching and learning is taking place across the world. For example, iPad is bringing complete access to rich content for all learners.

Technology has the power to transform the classroom, but it all starts with individuals and how they adopt new learning paradigms and captivate the curiosity of their students. There is a need to create a curriculum that is meaningful, purposeful, and creative. As discussed, it’s not about the technology, it’s about the opportunity for the students.

Some links to get you started:

Check out the Learning in Action site, if you haven’t already.  It includes ideas and info in four major areas (Best Practices, Accessibility, Tools, and IT how-to), and offers the opportunity to sign up for access to live and recorded webcasts that focus on several areas that may be of interest.  The site gives both Higher Ed and K-12 examples of how schools are using iPads/Macs.

On it administrators from Lynn University in Boca Raton, Florida, discuss their successful one-to-one iPad mini initiative. And Apple in Education, Accessibility and Creating Inclusive Learning Environments

iBooks Author
Apple – iBooks Author
Download iBooks Author free from the Mac App Store

E. O. Wilson’s Life on Earth

Professional Development

SAMR model

iTunes U courses

Ohio State
iPads in Education
iTunes U: A Course Creation Guide for Educators
Digital First page

Duke University
Core Concepts in Chemistry

University of Oklahoma
Parent handbook

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