College Level Examination Program CLEP

College Level Examination Program – CLEP

Starting January 1st, 2014, all CLEP exam payments must be made by test-takers online through the My Account Registration portal. Please see step 3 below for more details.

Cost of CLEP is $80 + $15 Administration Fee (Non-refundable; non-transferable)


CLEP Exams Offered at UIW

The College Level Examination Program (CLEP) provides two types of examinations–General Examinations and Subject Examinations, available in a variety of disciplines. Standards for satisfactory credit are set by the University faculty in each discipline area and may be higher than the ACE recommendations. CLEP tests are under constant evaluation and scores are subject to change according to the evaluation period.

Procedures for taking a CLEP:

1. CLEP exams are available by appointment only, and generally are offered on Fridays at 8:30 am and 1:30 pm. CLEP exams are also offered one Saturday a month at 10:30 am. The Saturday dates for the Fall 2014 semester are: September 13th, October 11th, and November 15th

2. Pick up a Request for Credit by Examination form in the Registrar’s Office and have it signed by your advisor and approved by the Registrar. Once you have processed the Request for Credit by Examination form, call (210) 829-3876 or stop by AD 216 to make an appointment. The test MUST be taken within 30 days of the Registrar approval date, or new approval must be obtained. The approved form must be presented to Testing Services staff on the day of your scheduled testing appointment.

3. To register for a CLEP exam, students must visit This web page outlines the steps for CLEP exam registration. Students must create an account with a user name and password, select the appropriate CLEP exam, and submit the $80.00 CLEP exam fee online. Please remember to select the institution or university you would like the CLEP results sent to. Once this process is completed, you must print your registration ticket and present it to Testing Services on test day.

4. To secure your appointment, you will also need to pay a non-refundable, non-transferable $15 administrative fee with UIW’s Business Office at (210) 829-6043.

If we do not have a record of your receipt number within 48 hours after the appointment is made, the appointment will automatically be cancelled.

5. On the date of the test , bring one valid government issued ID (see “CLEP ID POLICY” for specifics), payment for exam fee (see below), and the yellow copy of the Request for Credit by Examination properly processed.

CLEP Identification Requirements for Civilian Candidates and Self-Funded Military Candidates

Each candidate must present one form of government issued identification. The identification should be checked during the check-in process and may be re-checked at any time during an administration.

The PRIMARY ID must be a government-issued photo ID. The ID must include the candidate’s name, signature, and a recognizable photograph

Acceptable forms of primary identification are:

  • Current passport with name, photograph, and signature
  • Valid driver’s license with name, photograph, and signature
  • State or Province ID issued by the motor vehicle agency with name, photograph, and signature
  • National ID with name, photograph, and signature
  • A tribal ID card
  • A naturalization card or certificate of citizenship
  • If the student is a minor and unable to provide a primary government issued ID, then the College Board ID Form may be used for the primary ID. This form must include a recognizable photo, and the school seal must overlap the photo. The student must sign the ID form in the presence of their counselor or principal. Ask the student to sign the ID form again at the test center. This form is valid only in United States test centers. It must be dated and is good for only one year.
  • Contact CLEP Services for information on obtaining the College Board ID Form.

Candidates may be required to provide a secondary ID with BOTH a photo and a signature if there is a question about the primary ID document and/or if the primary ID document is otherwise acceptable but does not bear the full name, photograph or signature of the candidate. Secondary ID documents may not be used to resolve last name discrepancies. The last name on the primary ID must match the name on the registration.


6. FEES:

Amount Fees Description
$15 UIW administrative fee to secure the appointment Non-refundable; non-transferable. Payable by cash, personal check or credit card when the appointment is made.
$80 CLEP exam fee Payable to the College Board by credit card or money order at the time of the appointment. No personal checks or cash accepted.

7. CLEP tests are computer-based and 90 minutes in length, except for College Composition, which is 2 hours.

8. Scores will be printed immediately after the test is taken – except for tests with essay.

9. If the examinee is more than 15 minutes late, the appointment must be rescheduled so as not to interfere with later testing appointments.

10. Scores are received at the Registrar’s Office approximately 2 weeks after the test is taken, with the exception of the College Composition exam. College Composition essays are scored within 3-4 weeks of the test date, and scores are received at the Registrar’s Office about 2 weeks after scoring.

11. For study guides go to