Tutoring Services

Includes: The PASS-UIW Program, Tutoring, and Study Hall

Previously known as LAC which included Tutoring, PASS, Writing and Testing. The other two departments that were handled by the LAC that are now separate are The Writing and Learning Center (WLC) and The Testing Center. The Testing Center is now located in AD 216. While the WLC is still in the same location as Tutoring Services, AD 206, but is a separate program.

Job Description

Tutor’s Job Description

PASS Leader’s Job Description

Important Information:

1. Students will need 3 Recommendation letters from the professor and 1 from a supervisor or advisor. Will also need a  student transcript and a resume. If the student has not created a resume they can download the resume template form and use it as a basis.

2. The Students will gain tutoring experience, refreshments of the course, and its good for their resume. The tutors will be paid, therefore they will receive no credits.

3. Tutoring occurs at the Tutoring Services only, while PASS sessions take place in reserved rooms announced on our website

4. Tutoring sessions occur according to availability of the tutor and the tutee, as for the PASS sessions they will be assigned at the beginning of the semester and posted in the PASS schedule on the website.


Note: To ensure that the changes you created to the file are saved, please follow the steps in the link: How to Fill Out the Tutor’s Recommendation Form

Tutor’s Recommendation Form

PASS-UIW Recommendation Form (Please ONLY print and fill out the form)