Other Writing Resources

Sometimes you can’t find the time for a writing consultation or you just have a quick question. Below, find downloadable handouts and links to other sites to help you out when you can’t make it in.

“The Write One”- Inspired by a 1970s game show, this video is about choosing the “write” writing tutor. Whether the paper is about history, marketing, economics, or philosophy, the WLC has tutors to help you at any stage of the writing process.

“The Correspondence”- Styled as a silent film, this video demonstrates proper email etiquette.

“Your Cure for Writer’s Block”- In this parody of a pharmaceutical commercial, a student struggles to overcome his writer’s block.

“In the Margins”- Styled as a 1950s horror flick trailer, “In the Margins” follows college students Betty Banks and Arlene Wallace as they learn to overcome their fear of getting feedback on their writing.